Glenbrook Ridge


Quartet has entered the later stages of the pre-opening timeline. Census and team member recruitment strategies are of primary focus, which are supported by various campaign initiatives ranging from upper funnel tactics (linear television) and mid/lower funnel tactics (digital display, paid social media, and paid search). 

The previous strategies rolled out will support brand protection and promotion in the coming months, particularly as staffing needs increase.  Prospective resident inquiries are managed through Ecumen’s customer relationship management (CRM) software where interactions with customers are continuously analyzed.  Since being deployed at the start of December 2021, approximately 150 professional and prospective resident leads have been recorded and developed by Ecumen. 

Operations onsite are in full swing and fulfilled by a growing number of local Ecumen team members.  At present, four (4) team members are active for Quartet.  Team member positions range from the Executive Director and Marketing Director to the Maintenance Director.  The teams support a variety of pre-opening responsibilities in preparation for occupancy of each community. 

Onsite office spaces allow team members to conduct day-to-day operations while supporting a positive customer experience.  Additionally, model residences have been selected, furnished, and promoted as a part of the tour experience in anticipation of routine tours at the start of 2022.


Glenbrook Senior Living in Bettendorf, IA is scheduled to have an owner turn-over March 2022. During the 4th quarter the exterior and all landscaping work will be completed. As for the inside of the building, areas are getting finished and ready to be locked up.

The Assisted Living building has all contractors working and at different phases. The third floor will be complete this year, and ready for Nelson and the owner walk for punchlist. The second floor is 80% complete and first floor is 70% complete with finishes. Finishes include: cabinets, countertops, paint touch-up, and plumbing final trim.

The Memory Care building will have all painting completed in the units by the end of the year. Flooring and finish carpentry work has also started in units that are finish painted. In the common areas, MEP contractors are working on rough-in and scheduled to have it completed the beginning of January. This will then allow drywall and finishes to start in the common areas.

The Commons building is in drywall finish and paint stages. Third floor will be completed with paint by the end of the year, and ready for millwork to be installed. Second floor will follow third floor by a week. And first floor is scheduled to have final coverup (MEP rough-in work) inspection by the end of the year. This will then allow finishes to start in the Entry and Dining Rooms. These rooms have a lot of finishes to be completed, so this will be a primary focus for all contractors to get completed.

The Glenbrook project is making good progress with all the contractors focused on turning over the building to the owner in March with a quality final product.

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