Q3 2021

Our Glenbrook Ridge Senior Living site is coming along very nicely with a first class facility nearing completion in the months to come. Below is an update on our construction work in progress.


Drywall is completed in three-story assisted living wing or building C, except bathroom drop ceilings on the 2nd and 1st floors. Finishes are 80% complete on the 3rd floor, 60% on the 2nd, and 50% on the 1st floor. In the center commons building of building B, 3rd-floor units have flooring and cabinets being installed and the 2nd-floor units are being prepared for cabinets. The common space on the 3rd floor is being drywalled this week and will finish next week. The common space on the 2nd floor is drywalled and getting ready for finish tape and paint, followed by millwork at the end of the month. The commons building 1st floor is starting to hang drywall next week. Drywall is completed in memory care or building A and is currently being finished taped. When the finish tape is complete, we will continue with the flooring installation.

For the building exterior, sidewalks are 90% complete. Landscaping is currently going in at the front and back sides of the building. Light pole bases are also being completed this week. The fencing is roughly halfway done. The building C courtyard is paved, and they are currently getting ready to pour the building B courtyard, which will happen early next week. The siding is 95% complete and the exterior painting is 90% complete. At the end of this year, we will be working on our punch list for final completion.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact David Siegel at david@nelsonconstruct.com 


David Siegel

Asset Manager, Nelson Development