Rowat Lofts: Paying Homage to an Iconic Des Moines Stone Company

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 11.39.28 AMNelson is thrilled to honor the history of Rowat Cut Stone company through an apartment complex in the Market District of downtown Des Moines, a part of the wildly successful East Village neighborhood. Rowat Cut Stone company, a business that has been operational for 130 years, is moving operations to Norwalk and will continue their legacy of supplying projects with quality and craftsman-level stone work. Many do not realize that the limestone blocks that form the base of the State of Iowa Capitol building were cut at this historic site.

The Des Moines Register highlighted the project in a First Look excerpt, outlining some of the historical significance behind the development, as well as its details and amenities.

Nelson decided to salvage the crane derrick from the original stone company, and repurpose it into a landscape element into the courtyard while sprinkling historic stone throughout the site into benches and other site amenities.

Rowat Lofts

Rowat Lofts will feature 162 studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments that will span the length of East Market Street. We are excited to pioneer new development in the market district while paying homage to some of Des Moines’ great history. Nelson anticipates opening these apartments in September 2019.

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