Glenbrook Update Report, December 20, 2021

  • We have exterior landscaping work continuing this week with exterior structures (Pergolas) starting today at the courtyard. Sod is complete on the hill side and will continue on the east and west side tomorrow, 12/21/2021.
  • We have started secondary lids and corridor drywall in section A2 of memory care and are planning to call inspections for section A1 this week so we can keep continuing with drywall in memory care units.
  • Building B 3rd floor is currently getting drywall finished and ready for paint so we can start finishes in two weeks. Drywall finishers will move down to 2nd floor and make their way down to 1st floor B.
  • Building C 3rd floor is reaching towards the finish, we have carpet forecasted to complete in units by mid week, 12/22. Corridor trim is 95% complete and we are moving down to 2nd floor corridor this week.
  • Building C 1st floor corridors are getting painted currently along with the unit bathrooms. Once we have bathrooms painted we will continue installing cabinets and get ready for countertops and plumbing hookups.
  • Building C 2nd floor bathrooms paint completed last week and we have cabinets currently getting installed and ready for countertop measurements this week.
  • Lastly, we are currently working on getting stairways ready for cover inspections and will call it in today.

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