Nelson Pour-Over Coffee Event

We had a great time hosting clients, colleagues, and friends at our morning coffee event last week. The artisans at Curgo Coffee selected two of the best roasted coffees in the country and served them using two distinct pour-over methods while educating us about the nuances in coffee.

There wasn’t a program or agenda, we were able to just reconnect with 80+ friends and take some time to connect outside of the “business” of everyday work. As we push forward into 2014, we’re finding that we do our best, most innovative work when we can keep in touch with colleagues and take time out to stop and think for a bit.

We’ve posted a few pictures here, but check out Curgo’s Facebook page for even more shots of the fun time.14.01.31_Curgo-3314.01.31_Curgo-3114.01.31_Curgo-11

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