Employee Quarterly Performance Review


Employee is to self evaluate and bring the form to the meeting. Fill out the form completely and be prepared to discuss.

You can save your progress and return later by using the link at the very bottom of this form.

Use the following system to rate the employee performance. Be honest and support your score with comments and facts surrounding the performance.

Core Values - please rate performance in the following areas:

Please give examples of how you have demonstrated each core value or where you need improvement.

Administrative Rigor

Create, review, and work with documents, processes, and procedures.

Critical Thinking

Objective analysis and evaluation of ideas/issues to form a judgement to make decisions and plans considering future consequences.

Timely & Responsive

Meeting deadlines. Being responsive, not reactive. Prioritizing tasks and issues, understanding capacity, and responding accordingly.


The belief that you and your role can produce results and recognizing your responsibility to do so.


Quick to notice, keen perceptiveness, alert, and aware.


Follow the instructions when submitting PTO requests.

Employee Development Goals

Where do you think your career path goes?

Training Needs

Project Outcome Lessons Learned this Quarter:

Additional Comments/Concerns

By signing this I agree that I have participated in and gave feedback to this performance review