Nelson Construction & Development is a real estate developer, investor, and general contractor located in Des Moines, Iowa. Our twenty-one years of work include more than 3,000,000 square feet and $600,000,000 in both ground-up new construction as well as major award-winning historic renovations. Our work spans many states, including Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Illinois with a focus on multifamily apartments, senior living assisted living and memory care units, as well as various hotel, retail, parking garage, and office projects.

The common thread uniting our diverse portfolio is a deep belief and commitment to solving problems through real estate. As the owners of most of our projects, we’ve become adept at balancing return on investment with quality design and construction that will stand the test of time.

Each deal begins with thorough research into the local market, current economic conditions, and the full experience of the end user. We assemble an elite team of architects, engineers, financiers, and other partners within our deep network of professionals to understand and solve the true problems and opportunities we discover.

That firm commitment to each project continues through pre-development, design, financing, construction, and stabilization. We continue to revisit each project after completion to gain deep insights into performance and develop intellectual property and expertise for each and every new deal.

We would love to learn about new challenges and opportunities that our team can help solve.