Solving problems with a design mindset.

Nelson Construction & Development’s general contracting arm delivers our same exceptional approach of problem solving to third-party clients that are looking to build smarter.

Successful projects are achieved by careful subcontractor selection, skillful execution of the project schedule, and timely management of costs.

Every general contractor will promise the same set of skills and past performance, but what continues to satisfy our clients is our ability to step back and use construction as a means to an end – solving your problem.


Focused on outcomes.

No one builds just to keep hammers swinging and to see new structures. Building is always done with a desired outcome.

That outcome could be maximizing the return of an investment, attracting or retaining a set of customers, establishing a brand identity in a crowded marketplace, or a host of other problems to be solved.

As your general contractor, Nelson uses your desired outcome as the lens through which we see every design, scheduling, material, and subcontractor decision. Throughout your project hundreds of meetings and thousands of decisions will be made by our project managers on your behalf.


Finding your true north.

Keeping your vision as the “true north” of our compass allows us to build your ideal project and keep you focused on achieving your true business objectives.

Our technique and approach has yielded a host of amazing results and stories – reach out to our team to hear how we can take those lessons and solve problems for you.

Join our team.

We're always searching for creative talent that wants to perform at the highest levels of construction and development.